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Where will CKI be in 2055? Famous CKI alums?

Hi everyone! If possible could you either respond to or forward on these requests to any CKI alumni you might know? Thanks!

Calling all CKI Alumni!

The CKI 50th Anniversary History and Presentation Sub-Committee would like to hear from you. The history book of the past 50 years has been written, but now we want to hear your thoughts on what the next 50 years will bring to CKI. What are your predictions? What will the membership/districts look like? What type of events will occur? What will the leadership be like? What will CKI look like in 50 years? Share with us your prediction in under 100 words, and include your district, graduating year, and club name. You might see your prediction in the history book! The editors reserve the right to edit entries.

Send all predictions to Lisa Kelsay at with a current photo of yourself.

Seeking successful CKI alums for inclusion in History Book

Is there a movie star, congressmen / congresswoman, mayor, CEO, or
world-famous designer in our alumni circle? Who do you know left CKI and
went on to become a house-hold name? Maybe an alum inspired or created an
item that is now used on a daily basis. Maybe an alum found a cure for a
health disease. Maybe an alum passed legislation that improves the way of
life. You get the idea.

Definitions of 'famous' may differ, but Scott and I would like to know who
you think are our CKI famous alum, what club/district they were a member of,
the years that they were a member (or when they graduated), and why you feel
they are 'famous' or 'well-known'. Be creative! We look forward to reading
what you submit. Submissions may be sent to Lisa Kelsay at and may be included in the history book.

Thanks for your assistance!
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