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Hi Everyone!

My name is Ricardo Torres, I'm an 18 year old freshman at PennState University. I'm the Webmaster and Public Relations Chair of our club. I'd like to say HELLO! to everyone here on the LJ community. I just started using LJ not long ago, so I was quite excited to see that CKI had its own place.

Well, I wish everyone a productive and amazing Spring 2005!

Yours in friendship and service,

Ricardo 'Rico' Torres

PS-> Any past KC'ers?
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Hi! I'm Anna. I'm secretary for the Circle K Club for Adrian College here in good old Michigan! I grew up in Penn though, so..yeah...um. I'm a past Key Clubber. 2 years in high school:)
Sweet Deal! I was in KC 3 years, 2 years in the D-Board.

Where in PA did you grow up?
yeah, i didn't even know that things like the D-Board existed. or any other of the K-Family except Kiwanis...our Key Club wasn't very informative. or organized. we had a ton of people in it...but, it just wasn't very organized.

I grew up in New Kensington. What Penn State campus are you at?

mind if i friend you?
Not at all, go right ahead.

What was your KC? I go to PennState Main (aka University Park). I live in the North Hills, so I'm probably 30 minutes from New-Ken.

I loved my 4 years in KC, I was all about it. And now in CK, I'm all about it as well.
i went to Utica High School.

I miss New Ken so much:( I think i'm going to try to come back at the end of February. well, i want to at least.

yeah, i'm totally all about CK too!
hey :D i am president of my circle K at the Santa rosa jc, and i was in KC for a year (and was president :D)
Honey, you so are HELLA Nor Cal!!! :) I had no idea that you were a Key Club Pres! You're just rockin' the K-Fam!

I'm not a past Key Clubber, but I'm a CKI Lieutenant Governor and a past president for San Diego State Circle K. I love my K-Family!!
i AM hella norcal :D :D

cant wait till convention!!

One of my best KC friends (Amanda Badali) used to talk about you all the time. She even talked about you when she came to my convention this year. Pshaw.

I'm Richard Brophy, IP District Editor for Michigan KCI, and the current Vice-President of Eastern Michigan University Circle K. I am also the new District K-Fam Chair for MICKI.

Uh. That's about it. Good to match a face to the name, though!
Brophy, now way!

*lol* Amanda used to talk about you all the time too!

I'm glad to hear that you are involved with CKI, it's always awesome seeing fellow D-Board Members make the switch from KCI to CKI.

Good Luck This Semester, I'll catch you later.
Ha! We're so cool.

You know it!
Hi! And welcome!
I've never been a Key Clubber (key club isn't very big here in the We-Can at the moment... our key Club 'district' only has 9 clubs). My name is Ali and I'm currently International Trustee of CKI. I've been Western Canada district Governor, and Kiwanis Family relations chair. It's my 4th year in CKI.
Good to hear from you!
Thanks! :)

It's good to see all this activity in an LJ Board on CKI.
Hey Rico! I remember when you were inducted as Key Club LTG.. oh, the memories. Oh, how you've grown! PS. awesome that you're getting so involved with CKI now!
Beckie *goes wild* Woot Woot! I didn't know you had an LJ.

I'm going to be running for President of our Club, so this should make for an interesting semester.

Hope Everything is going well with you!
wow man its funny to see history between circle k'ers (or ex-key clubbers)

hello from new england--- new hampshire to be exact
Pleased To Meet Ya. :)

I agree, it's awesome to see how much smaller the world can get. :)
Hi from a former Key Club Michigan District Governor, and current member of the University of Michigan Circle K (largest club in CKI!). We can't find a Webmaster at all from our club... so if you'd like to work on our website, we'd be more than happy to have you as an honorary member :-P I'm a pal of Madame Badali's as well, so that's fun. Good luck with your year!
hahaha niiiice. I don't think that'll follow the rules tho :-p.

but if you guys find a webmaster or a member interested, I would have no problem helping them out in any way i can :)